SUNTOP® is a company created by people with more than 20 years of experience in the 4x4 market and soft tops world.
Our mission is to produce easy, reliable, affordable and beautiful tops and accessories for off road vehicles. We have a different point of view: Because WE LIVE IT.

We are the first users of our products and we test them to extreme conditions.
This mean that we put all the competence, the passion and the technology we have, to meet the strongest requirements,
studying and creating new products and solutions for your 4x4.

Simply quality

SUNTOP® philosophy is to create products built to last.

Our experience comes from year of off roading , travelling and working with 4x4 vehicles. All materials we select are resistant, tough, waterproof and nice to see. We selected the best company in Usa to produce the windows for our soft tops, this is why they are all DOT approved. We improve costantly and now we offer you the result of a continuos research to have the most simple product for the most complicate work.

We take everything seriously, to have maximum fun!

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SUNTOP made it happen!

  • We won Global Media Award at SemaShow 2014
  • We have been Best new part in the show for different magazines
  • We have been selected in Four Wheeler guide 2015
  • We won an African Rallye with a Soft top JK unlimited
  • We are the first company in the world introducing a modular concept for Jeep tops
  • We are the first company in the world creating a 4-pieces Hard top that work as a roof rack